Goodbye Studio 6

Some big changes are afoot. Our Norristown studio building (home to my art studio and Green Cathedral’s rehearsal space) was recently bought by new owners and all the residents were given eviction notices as they will be doing major renovations to the building. Although we have until the end of the year to find a new place, my bandmates in Green Cathedral and I (we both split the studio space) knew we had to start looking right away as finding another suitable place for both my artwork and live music rehearsals would be difficult. Not to mention the rising rental costs would also be difficult to work around. Green Cathedral and I have been at Studio 6 since 2019. It was our first studio and I have a lot of good memories there.

Luckily, we have since found a new place in Maple Glen, PA. Although this new space does not have the cool industrial vibe Studio 6 did, it does have a lot of other good features – dedicated parking, less stairs to haul stuff up and down, climate control, lots of light, a newly renovated space (while the building dates back to 1961, it was rehabbed with new electric, plumbing, roof, floors, etc in the past year). The space we are renting is a suite divided into two rooms – one room will be a dedicated rehearsal spot and my art studio will be just off to the side of this space). Plus it has a good size storage closet. We will be on the second floor (above a martial arts school and next to some insurance offices). It’s in a commercial corridor but fairly quiet, and located near eateries, a brew pub, and other conveniences (like a bubble tea place that I like!). Also it’s only 9 minutes from where I live, which is closer than the old studio.

We will be officially out of our old studio space by May 1 but I’ll be moving during the month of April. I’ll share some photos once I get everything set up. I have to buy a new desk as the old ones came wiht the place and it’s too difficult to have to move them down three flights of stairs and put them in an SUV (though my bestie is helping me out with her transit van for the major move day).

For now here are a couple of pics of the space (it’s not cleaned out here in these photos though).
Onwards. Upwards….. I hope you can come out to my next set of shows. All art sales go towards small business owners (i.e. ME!) and help support the arts and the local economy.

And if you want to check out Green Cathedral in action, as well as my other band The Red Masque, we are playing a show at the Rotunda in Philadelphia THIS SATURDAY, March 25, at 8 PM.

Once the new space is set up, we do plan on making music videos that we hope tos hare with you as well as preparing for some recordings.


Go to for more info.

Through May 13, 2023 | Spring Group show, Exhibit B Gallery, 105 North Main Street, Souderton, Pennsylvania.

March 31 – April 2, 2023 | Artrider’s Spring CraftMorristown, National Guard Armory, 430 Western Ave., Morristown, New Jersey. Hours: Friday, 4-8 PM, Saturday, 10-6 PM, Sunday, 10-5 PM.

April 29-30, 2023 | Covered Bridge Artisans Spring Tour, Sergeantsville Firehouse Event Center, 761 Sergeantsville Rd, Sergeantsville, New Jersey. Hours: 10-5 PM Saturday and Sunday.

April 29 – May 14, 2023 | Historic Yellow Springs Art Show, Lincoln Building, 1685 Art School Road, Chester Springs, Pennsylvania. Open Daily 10-4 PM.

May 19, 2023 | Friday Evening Preview for the Chester County Studio Tour.; Lynnette’s stop on the tour will be studio #20 at the Jeweled Warrior (110 Pottstown Pike, Chester Springs, Pennsylvania), along with artists Kristin Costin (host studio), Jennifer Domal, Miranda Blas, Kiya Nicole, and Linda Lurcott. Hours: 5- 8 PM.

May 20-21, 2023 | Chester County Studio Tour.; Lynnette’s stop on the tour will be studio #20 at the Jeweled Warrior (110 Pottstown Pike, Chester Springs, Pennsylvania), along with artists Kristin Costin (host studio), Jennifer Domal, Miranda Blas, Kiya Nicole, and Linda Lurcott. Hours: Saturday, 10- 6 PM, Sunday, 11 – 5 PM.


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We are very excited to be performing at one of Philadelphia’s great venues, The Rotunda at the University of Pennsylvania. This venue has been a great supporter of original music and peformances over the years. For this show we will be performing with the wonderfully talented Roxy Rollz and our “sister” band, The Red Masquel (for those who don’t know, GC vocalist Lynnette Shelley also performs with The Red Masque.).


Saturday, March 25, 2023 Prog, Art Rock and Avant Garde Synth Pop Concert with The Red Masque, Roxy Rollz & Green Cathedral. The Rotunda, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA. 8 PM. Free (Donations accepted). All Ages.



The Red Masque have been performing their unique blend of dark and angular progressive rock since 2001.

Brandon Lord Ross: bass guitar, keyboards

Lynnette Shelley: vocals, lyrics

Severyn Clarke: drums & percussion

Scott Weingarten: guitars

ROXY ROLLZ Hailing from greater Philadelphia, Roxy Rollz blends a powerful mix of rock & avant-garde synth pop with a punk attitude.

Kym Staloff- lead vocals, keys & guitar.

Mikey Carbone, drums.

Nick Demou, guitar back up vox.

Kevin Waldt, bass back up vox.

GREEN CATHEDRAL Green Cathedral is an original art-rock band hailing from the Philadelphia area. The band is made up of music industry veterans from the Art-Rock, Post-Punk, Prog and Electronic music worlds, collaborating on a sound that incorporates all of these elements to thrilling effect.

Mark Walsh: bass, vocals, lyrics

Lynnette Shelley: vocals, lyrics

Dean Zigoris: guitar

Joe Paglia: keyboards

Tom Theurer: drums

Rescheduled Philly Show

Recently we had to cancel a show at the Rotunda in Philly due to Covid cases in Green Cathedral as well as headliner The Red Masque. We are happy to announce that the show has been rescheduled for a spring 2023 date. Details below.

Saturday, March 25, 2023

The Rotunda, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA. 8 PM. Free (Donations accepted). All Ages.

Concert with The Red Masque, Roxy Rollz & Green Cathedral.




I was really hoping to not have to type this message. Two different band members in both The Red Masque and Green Cathedral tested positive for Covid recently. I was hoping that if they were better by today the gig could go on. They had both planned on trying to perform anyway as long as they no longer tested positive but I think at this point we have to be practical as both members in question are extremely fatigued by their experiences and still working on their health. We also have to be aware of everyone’s safety. I am really, really, really sorry as both bands have been working extremely hard for this show at the Rotunda and this is a huge blow. I know the band members in question feel badly about this too.

We are currently looking to see if rescheduling is an option.

I am so sorry.



THIS FRIDAY! October 28, 2022 Halloween show with The Red Masque, Roxy Rollz and Green Cathedral.

An autumnal evening of original art rock, avant-garde synth pop and progressive rock.

All are welcome.

The Rotunda, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA. 8 PM. All ages.

Free (Donations accepted / encouraged to support the music and venue).

Come in costume or come as you are.

RSVP to the Facebook Event Page here.


Green Cathedral will be performingthe Friday before Halloween (October 28) at the Rotunda at the University of Pennsylvania. We will have new material for this show so we hope to see you all there.

I am also happy to say we’ll be playing with my sister band, The Red Masque, who will be headlining, as well as the incredibly talented avant garde synth pop band, Roxy Rollz. This will be an all ages, free show but donations are encouraged to support the bands. Below is the flyer for the concert. Please help spread the word!

Boiling black water

HI all. Green Cathedral is currently working on creating some videos of two or three of our newer songs, including “Boiling Black Water”. Last night at rehearsal we made a test video just to see how the live performance was coming along, and decided to share with you.