Green Cathedral recently completed the recording of the debut album, Winter's Veil. The album is currently in production and will be released in September 8, 2017. It will be available for digital download through CD Baby, Bandcamp, iTunes and more, as well as limited edition CDs through CD Baby. Stay tuned for details and sign up to our newsletter to keep informed.

Green Cathedral - Winter's Veil

Winter's Veil by Green Cathedral

1. Don't Look Back (5.30) | Download Lyrics
2. Maps of Ancient Sea Kings (6.07) | Download Lyrics
3. Crimson (4.31) | Download Lyrics
4. Sea Of Rust (5.13) | Download Lyrics
5. Drink (6.48) | Download Lyrics
6. Return To You (6.05) | Download Lyrics
7. Autumn (7.58) | Download Lyrics
8. Winter's Veil (8.11) | Download Lyrics

Video for "Maps of Ancient Sea Kings"

Dean Zigoris – Guitars
Lynnette Shelley – Vocals
Mark S. Walsh – Bass, Vocals
Matthew Gambino – Drums, Vocals
with Joe Paglia – Keyboards

Winter's Veil was recorded at Philly JAM Recording, Philadelphia, PA.
Recorded and Engineered by Mark J. Montoro.
Produced by Mark J. Montoro and Mark S. Walsh.

All songs are © 2017 by Green Cathedral, Frozen Eyeball Music / BMI
All music by Green Cathedral
Lyrics on Tracks 1, 2, 8, L. Shelley; 3, 4, 5, 7, M. Walsh; 6 M. Walsh / L. Shelley
“Crimson” is courtesy of Bug Boy Music / BMI

Photo of Rakotzbrücke (Devil's Bridge) © 2013 by Ronny Behnert, Håggard Photography.
Band photo © 2017 by Bob Kelly.
Album art, logo and design © 2017 by Lynnette Shelley.


Winter's Veil by Green Cathedral

Green Cathedral