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Green Cathedral is an original Art-Rock band who are releasing their first album ("Winter's Veil") on independent label √úser Records. This debut album will be available for purchase and distribution through CD Baby (release date September 8, 2017), as well as digital download through various other online stores like iTunes, Bandcamp and more.

The band is made up of original music industry veterans from the Art-Rock, Post-Punk, Prog and Electronic music worlds, collaborating on a sound that incorporates all of these elements to thrilling effect. Green Cathedral members Lynnette Shelley (vocals), Mark S. Walsh (bass/vocals), Matthew Gambino (drums), and Dean Zigoris (Guitar) were joined by session musician Joe Paglia on keyboards and recorded with the legendary Philadelphia producer Mark Montoro of Philly Jam Recording.

Green Cathedral is taking a meticulous crafting of songs with focus on musicianship and performance and infusing their material with unmistakable emotion that draws the listener in. Lyrically, the band explores the mythologies of this and other times, as well as the inner journeys of the mind, heart and soul. The music can be simultaneously esoteric and inviting, beautiful and sometimes aggressive. With their focus always on the song, Green Cathedral achieves Art-Rock sensibility with Pop hooks, strong melodies and choruses. This music expands the boundaries of radio friendly rock for the thinking class while never alienating the listener.

Green Cathedral is available for live performance, tours, interviews, radio, licensing and in-store appearances.

Green Cathedral is:
Mark Walsh (ex New Creatures) - bass and vocals
Lynnette Shelley (currently of The Red Masque) - vocals
Dean Zigoris (ex French TV, Onnomon) - guitars
Joe Paglia ( ex Audio Mob) - keys
Tom Theurer (The Big Unkle, QT & The Quirktones, Sylvia Platypus, SezHu etc.) - drums
Matt Gambino - drums on the studio album, "Winter's Veil"

Green Cathedral

Photo of Green Cathedral courtesy Elena Walsh